Real bodies, preserved: Photographer cover 90 people in honey and the results are stunning

Photographer Blake Little covered 90 people of different ages, ethnicities and body types in honey for his latest project, “Preservation.”
But how did he persuade people to cover themselves in the sticky substance? “When I cast for it, I didn’t tell people what I was doing, I just said it was an art project,” Little said. “And then when they got to the casting, I showed them the pictures I had already shot. I figured if I told them I was going to cover them in honey, without showing them exactly what I meant, they would think of something erotic!”

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Photographer Profile – Blake Little: “Shooting honey is essentially like shooting glass”

You might say that the art of photography is all about preservation—of history, of memories, of ideas. Blake Little has just taken that idea and run with it, spilling about three thousand pounds of honey along the way. The Los Angeles-based photographer’s new exhibition “Preservation,” on view at LA’s Kopeikin Gallery from March 7 through April 18, features his images of human beings of all shapes, ages and ethnicities encased in golden goo. Glisteningly beautiful, the work has a powerful sensuality that prompts emotional responses, eliciting notions about beauty, entrapment, nature and the nature of art…

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