Lyzanne, Saskatoon, SK, 2019
Davey, Victoria, BC, 2019
Asher, Regina, SK, 2019
Aaron, Saskatoon, SK, 2019
Alex, Regina, SK, 2019
KP, Victoria, BC, 2019
Leo & Nathan, Victoria, BC, 2019
Jan, Saskatoon, AB, 2019
Ace, Los Angeles, CA, 2017
Brynn, Victoria, BC, 2019
Chrissie, Los Angeles, CA, 2020
Jen Winslow, Los Angeles, CA, 2017
Travis Saskatoon, SK, 2019
Laura Victoria, BC, 2019
Aaron Victoria, BC, 2019
Brody, Los Angeles, 2017
Akira, Los Angeles, CA, 2020
Artist Statement

Stories of expressions of trans, gender fluid, non-binary, Two Spirit, and other diverse gender identities circulate widely, adding to a complex and oft-times challenging web of shifting societal responses to gender. My photographic eye is guided by an aesthetic of simplicity, distillation & clarity. I want to apply this eye to make visible the many ways we read photographs and their subject matter (imagined and real) but particularly via a collaborative process as filtered through the voices of the people who posed for these photographs.

Transgender identification, representation and image dissemination increasingly occupy the collective imagination and are reinforced by media headlines. Even as more and more trans, gender fluid, non-binary, and Two Spirit people are coming out in the public eye, the act of realizing / representing / revealing / exposing / exhibiting oneself through photography is a brave act, a form of defiance for a new wave of gender fluid pioneers reclaiming a broader live presence and virtual presence via social media. In the process, difference is being normalized.


American Photography AP37 Winner
Lyzanne, Saskatoon, SK 2019 Fluid Project

American Photography AP37 Winner
Jan, Saskatoon, SK 2019 Fluid Project

Prix De LA Photographie Paris PX3
Certificate of Achievement, Fluid Project, Honorable Mention


Fluid, Kenderdine Art Gallery, University of Saskatchewan, Saskatoon, SK, Canada

Fluid, Legacy Gallery, University of Victoria, Victoria, BC, Canada


Public 62 The Gender Diverse Lens, 2020