Mary, Seated on Bed
Mary, Seated in Living Room
Mary, Holding Virgin Mary Statue
Mary, Hands Covering Face
Mary, Back Profile on Bed
Mary, Smiling, Closeup
My Mother
Artist Statement

In 1997, my mother, Mary was diagnosed with lung cancer. She had one lung removed and was given 3-5 years to live. After the surgery, she required supplemental oxygen and carried a large oxygen tank with her throughout her day. My mom’s strength, perseverance, love of life refused to let her new situation limit her way of living. She carried the oxygen tank everywhere with a unapologetic frame of mind.

Knowing my mother’s time was limited, I traveled to Seattle to spend extended time with her. During visits in 1998 and 1999, I made photographs of mom at home with her generous, fearless cooperation. She showed the utmost courage allowing me to document her deteriorating physical condition. Creating these images brought us closer and provided this lasting document of her life. The photos provide an uncensored look at the last years of a mother’s life with cancer. In these images I see the strong powerful women who mentored me and made me the man I am today. This work supersedes a portrait of one women and has a universal appeal that shows the fragility of life and the human condition. On June 15, 2000 my mother Mary passed away from complications from lung cancer.