Chad, Closeup in Black, 2019
Chad & Kevin, Piggyback, 2020
Serge, Falling, 2019
Leigh, Yellow, Closeup, 2019
Josh & Leigh, Embrace, 2019
Sarah in Black, 2020
Serge, Kneeling, 2019
Kevin, Breathe, Profile, 2020
Chad & Kevin, Embrace, 2020
Chad & Kevin, Seated, 2020
Ed, Kneeling, 2020
Hector, Sunset, Closeup, 2019
Leigh, Yellow, Profile, 2019
Josh & Leigh, Struggle, 2019
Sarah Mask, 2020
Josh & Leigh, Gloved Kiss, 2019
Chad, Blue Hood, Closeup, 2020
John, Profile, 2019
Leigh, Chocked, Closeup, 2019
Erica, Profile, 2020
Chad, Upside Down, 2020
Artist Statement

Initially the Protection series started with my visual interest in rubber/latex clothing and how it covers and accentuates the body to create sexual desire and play. I also see the rubber wardrobe as a protective layer, ironically worn in the pursuit of this human connection.

The rubber often covers the body completely and makes the individuals anonymous yet their fetish and fascination with the material brings them together. I was interested in creating images to show the visual and emotional aspects of this second skin. In the midst of making Protection the Coronavirus pandemic started to emerge. Organically Protection now had a new universal layer of meaning. I continued creating images for Protection under the inescapable influence of Covid 19.

How do we navigate intimacy in this new reality when human contact can threaten your life?


Px3 Prix De La Photographie Paris Winner
Protection, Portraiture Other, Honorable Mention

Px3 Prix De La Photographie Paris Winner
Protection, State of the World, Honorable Mention